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3) Applications 2.0 On this website you can offer services 2.0 applications where users can enter information, data, images, videos, and exchange information in general. The purpose of these applications is to provide a communication tool for users to exchange views and maintaining contact between users ROPTEX services. The use of 2.0 applications for purposes other than those specified is prohibited. Specifically the use of these media for commercial or advertising purposes outside ROPTEX services is prohibited. The user will perform a 2.0 application usage in accordance with the law, morality and public order. The user is solely responsible for obtaining the necessary authorizations and permits holders of rights in the information and uploaded to the website data. ROPTEX no liability whatsoever for actions, information and data on the website have been provided by users, which are the sole responsibility of the consequences of the acts carried out through the website. So ROPTEX not be liable for damages of any kind caused by third parties through this website, and in particular, without limitation but not limited to, those caused by the breach of the law, morality or public order; infringement of the rights of intellectual property and / or trade secrets; the incorporation of virus or any other computer code, files or programs that may damage, interrupt or impair the functioning of any software, hardware or telecommunications equipment; constitute unlawful, misleading acts and, in general, constitute unfair competition; the lack of truthfulness, accuracy, quality, relevance and / or timeliness of the content transmitted, received, or made available or accessible; infringement of the rights to honor, personal and family privacy and image of persons; Total or partial breach of obligations and, in general, the injury of any third party rights. To access the applications will require the user 2.0 identification by introducing distinguishing particulars (such as email address and password) you warrant the accuracy of the data entered. In no case will be allowed anonymous access to services 2.0. ROPTEX informs users of 2.0 applications at the time of registering for these services as well as in each of the entrances identification shall be required and store your IP address and connection data. Under current regulations, this data will be stored and if required made available to the competent authorities and bodies through the procedure established by law. 2.0 The application user is informed that the mere registration does not confer such applications any right to enter information or that such information is published. You acknowledge that the data entered by him in the page can be viewed by ROPTEX, without implying any admission of liability by ROPTEX on such data. Notwithstanding the foregoing, ROPTEX may at any time and without notice, remove any content that we deem inappropriate for any reason or no adjustment for the purpose of the website and may not be claimed responsibilities for it. Eliminating application content does not imply endorsement of the bad faith of such contents, or assumption of liability ROPTEX them. You acknowledge and agree that all information entered on the Internet, even through doorways or restricted 2.0 applications can be seen by third parties not interested and even used for purposes other than those for which they were created. ROPTEX can not guarantee that the data entered in the 2.0 applications can not be seen by the general public, given the structure and configuration of the network. The user assumes the privacy implications arising from the introduction of data or information on the Internet. If the user detects or interested third party considers that there is a violation of their rights or interests through the website, ROPTEX, offers the following email address info@ROPTEX.es to communicate that fact. ROPTEX reserves the right to proceed with the withdrawal of the controversial data or information, without this being construed as an admission or acknowledgment of any breach by that entity.

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